Pork Pricing – Pricing will vary according to exact weight of delivered products

Pork Cuts
  chops-smoked 9.50/lb ham 9.50/lb
  chops-regular 8.50/lb shoulder roast 7.60/lb
  chops-boneless 8.50/lb spare ribs 6.90/lb
 Other Products  
ground pork 5.00/lb lard 2.50/lb
  ham hocks 3.90/lb

Pig (whole)   $3.70 per pound on hanging weight – deposit  of $400

Pig (half)   $3.80 per pound on hanging weight – deposit  of $200
Price includes delivered to butcher, cut, wrapped and delivered to an address in Lacombe, Blackfalds, Sylvan Lake, Ponoka or Red Deer.  You pick exactly how you want the pork done up.  The deposit gets taken off the total amount owing.  25 lbs of smoked products are included in a whole pork and 12.5 lbs of smoked products in half a pork.


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