Frequently Asked Questions about our eggs

What does uninspected mean?
It means that the eggs have not been inspected and graded at a provincially-registered egg station.

What are free-run eggs?
Free-run eggs mean that the chickens have the freedom to run around in the coup and on our farm, outside too. Unless the packaging says that they are free-run, the chickens are in cages.

Is there a difference between brown or white eggs?
No, there is no nutritional difference. The colour of the egg shell is determined by the chicken’s ear lobe.

What about blood spots?
They are caused by the rupture of a blood vessel during formation of the egg. Blood spots do not indicate a fertilized egg and it is safe to eat the egg. You may choose to remove the blood spot with a spoon.

Why are the yolks so yellow?
Our chickens are fed a vegetation diet of layer ration, grass, kitchen scraps, etc. which makes their yolk yellower than ‘store’ bought eggs.

Why are ‘farm’ eggs hard to peel?
The fresher the egg is, the harder it is to peel since there is less air in the egg. Adding vinegar or baking soda to the water will help you peel the egg easier.  Also, poking a tiny hole at the pointed end (make sure not to pierced the membrane) and it will be breeze to peel them.  Putting the eggs in ice cold water to cool them off quickly will also this help with peeling them. When the eggs are boiled, cut the egg in half and scoop out the eggs. It is much easier than trying to peel them and it will save you much frustration.

Can you cook with ‘farm’ eggs the same way as ‘store’ bought eggs?
Yes, ‘farm’ eggs are interchangeable in recipes and we hope that you will enjoy the farm eggs more, so you keep buying ours!! Our customers feel that our eggs are superior to ‘store’ bought eggs.  To be on the safe side, always crack our eggs in a separate bowl before adding them to the receipe.

Is there a chance of having a chick in your eggs?
No, no, no. We have no roosters with our flock. The breed we have does not sit on their eggs once they are layed. They move out of the nesting boxes shortly after they lay their eggs. Our eggs are collected daily.

Do you recycle egg cartons?
Yes, we use the egg cartons as long as we can. Once they are broken or dirty, we bring them to the recycling station.

Where should I store my eggs?
Eggs should be stored in the egg carton, inside the fridge, not the door. They are not cold enough there and can absorb odours more easily.

How long will ‘farm’ eggs stay fresh for?
On average, ‘store’ eggs are over three weeks old. Our eggs are days to one week old. Our eggs will last at least twice as long as store bought eggs.

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