Frequently Asked Questions about our animals

Are you organic? As far as we believe, it is an expensive and complicated process to become organic and we are not convinced of the added benefits. We raise our animals as naturally as possible and use medication only when needed.  Did you know that producers who are organic can still medicate and vaccinate their animals?

What is the difference between grass-fed and grass-finished? Canada only has a few months of the year that it can grow grass. Only little animals, like chickens and turkeys are able to grow on grass and get to their butcher weight during our summer months. Sheep and cattle are not able to gain enough weight on grass only; they need many months to get to their butcher weight. Our lambs are fed a diet of hay once they get moved off the pasture for the winter months. Our calves are fed silage and hay, which both have been produced on our land. Our pigs are always outside and are fed a diet of kitchen, garden and brew waste, plus hay.  We keep our animals on grass as long as possible. Grass-finished animals get grass for the last few months of their lives.

Do you use growth hormones? No, we don’t use any and feel that it is not a natural, humane way to raise animals.

Can we come see the animals? Yes, we have an open door policy, but we ask that you call ahead to confirm we will be home. (403) 782-4555. We are ALWAYS closed on Sundays.

Do you feed your animal grain? Our beef get started on milk, preferably from the cow or otherwise supplemented by a milk replacer. They are feed grain until they are 500-600 lbs and then finish on grass, hay and silage, which are all produced on our farm. Our lambs are raised on grass and hay. They are supplemented with grain.  Our pigs are raised on brew waste from a local brewing company.

Do you use antibiotics? We try to keep our animals as healthy as possible to avoid using antibiotics. If an animal is sick, we will try natural ways to treat them first and if we are not successful, we will use medication. We would rather medicate our animal if they are sick then let them suffer. If we use any antibiotics, they are used in the first few months of the animal’s life.

Is your beef lean, extra lean or extra, extra lean? Our beef is considered by many of our customers extra lean. When you make a hamburger patty, it stays the size that you started with as it does not shrink. When you fry up our hamburger, you often have to add oil or broth as it is so lean.

How much does an average half a beef cost? The average cost is $1,400-1,800 depending on the weight of the animal. In the cost, we transport the animal to the butcher, pick up the meat and deliver to the customer at a central location. The amount of meat is on average 150-170 lbs.

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