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Elisabeth and Tim with kids (L-R) Rebekah, Isaiah, Markayla and Josiah.

What is R Farm – Lacombe and how did it get started?

R Farm Lacombe is a labour of love, built upon a foundation of prayer. This third generation, small mixed farm is located southwest of Lacombe. It is owned and operated by Tim and Elisabeth DeVries and their four children, with a lot of help from their parents. Tim and Elisabeth both grew up on dairy farms and dreamed about creating a farming lifestyle for their family. However, they weren’t sure how God was going to make the dream happen.

It took a few years for plans to fully form, but in August 2011, Tim quit his full-time job as a welder and started farming full-time. Tim and Elisabeth knew that to be competitive in today’s market, they had to farm differently. They began direct marketing their products and created the slogan, ‘We want to be your farmer.’ They are passionate about raising healthy animals as naturally as possible and about educating people about the richness of farm life. R Farm – Lacombe is proud of the products that they sell: beef, sausages, eggs, pork, lamb and honey.  These products can be purchased from either the farm or delivered monthly to Lacombe, Blackfalds, Sylvan Lake and Red Deer at a central location.


Rebekah and Markayla with some of their eggs

Rebekah and Markayla with their FIRST  eggs.


What does MaRe’s Eggs stand for and how did we get started?

In 2010, Rebekah and Markayla (who were 6 & 8 years old at the time) wanted to start making some money. Since they didn’t live in town, delivering newspapers or shoveling sidewalks was not a possibility. Instead, they decided to buy layer chickens and started selling eggs. MaRe’s eggs stands for Ma-Markayla and Re-Rebekah. It is pronounced MAR-e’s Eggs.  In April 2010, the girls bought 10 chickens with their own money and continued to buy chickens until they had over 50 hens. Their business grew and grew and there was more demand then supply for their eggs.

In April 2011, Tim and Elisabeth bought 150 hens and altogether they had approximately 190 hens. Tim and Elisabeth ‘bought out’ Rebekah and Markayla that spring as collecting, washing and selling eggs from 190 hens was more work then a 7 and 9 year old could manage. Tim and Elisabeth now have around 100 chickens.  All the children (ages 14, 12, 10, and 8) help with the chicken chores; whether that is collecting, washing, delivering, educating or advertising R Farm – Lacombe eggs.  They are all a great help and Tim and Elisabeth couldn’t do it without them.


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